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water is one of the most important necessities in our life. our brain and heart (73%), lungs (83%), skin (64%), bones (31%), muscles and kidneys (79%) are composed of water. all the cell and organ that make up our entire anatomy and physiology need water to carry out their function.

water's excellent ability to dissolve substances allows our cells to process valuable nutrients and minerals. therefore, our drinking water should be pure, clean and free of contaminants.


natural mineral water is water with naturally occurring minerals that is obtained directly from underground sources and protected from pollution risks. Drinking a natural mineral water is a foundation to good health.

02/low in tds

any mineral water you drink will contain dissolved minerals and other things too. the measurement of how much solids is dissolved in the water called tds or total dissolved solids.

water with high tds may taste bitter, salty or metallic and may have unpleasant odors. it is also an indicator that harmful contaminants, such as iron, manganese, sulfate, bromide, or arsenic may be present in the water. those substance are known to pose many health risks to human.

drinking a low tds water will ease the effort of our body from filtering unwanted toxic and significantly reduces the health risks that come with it.

03/good minerals

because our body can't produce minerals organically, the best drinking water should be able to supply a balance of essential minerals to our body needs. minerals from drinking water are more easily absorbed than minerals from food.

two important minerals that our body needs are :

calcium : plays important role for the formation of bones and for bodily functions like muscle contractions, blood clotting, transmitting messages through the nerves and the release of hormones.

magnesium : needed to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady & supports a healthy immune system. it is also crucial for blood coagulation, regulate blood sugar level, energy production, regulate blood sugar level, energy production nutrient metabolism, as well bone and cell formation.

04/Alkaline pH Balance

the pH value is a measure of acidity or alkalinity in water. a healthy human body has blood pH level of 7.4 (slightly alkaline). however, consumption of acidic food and beverages, stress and unhealthy lifestlye tend to make our body becoming too acidic, which may eventually leading to sickness.

drinking alkaline water that contains natural minerals is associated with lower mortality from heart disease, cancer and will give a positive impact on overall health.

05/contaminant free

good drinking water should not be contaminated by toxins, including synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, radioactive substances and other treatment additives such as chlorine and fluoride that can be harmfull to our health.

06/tastes great

a good drinking water should be smooth on palate and easy to ingest. we tend to drink more water if it tastes great and drinking enough water daily is the key element for optimal health.

01/fresh from nature
E+ is 100% natural mineral water. processed and bottled in a HEPA clean room, free from human's touch. totally fresh from nature!
02/low in tds
E+ has tds lower than 38ppm, which is classified as excellent drinking water by WHO's standard
03/good minerals
E+ contain two important naturally occuring minerals that our body needs, which are calcium and magnesium
04/alkaline from nature
E+ has an alkaline pH balance >8 naturally from its source. it is not a result of an artificial process from ionization machine or adding non-natural mineral compounds.
05/free from harmfull contaminants
E+ is guaranteed to be free from any toxins, including synthetic chemicals, toxic metals, bacteria, viruses, radioactive substances and other treatment additives such as chlorine and fluoride that can be harmful for our health.
06/refreshing taste
E+ has a refreshing taste, is smooth on the palate and is easy to ingest. try it, you will taste the difference!

"it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. it is the one that is most adaptable to change"

Charles Darwin

This is our story of evolution






quality in every drop

E+ has been certified and tested by various independent and government's certification bodies.

E+ is processed and bottled directly at its source, under strict quality control from Eplus Alkaline Water Pte. Ltd., Singapore and available in 250ml and 500ml. high standard food-grade, BPA free PET bottle.

typical analysis

pH >8.3 | Total dissolved solids < 38 PPM | Calcium 1.67 mg/L | Magnesium 1.00 mg/L







E+ lifestyle

balance is the key to facing today's urban life challenges. at E+ we encourage our community to become a healthier version of themselves by balancing all aspects of life.


improve your overall health by balancing unhealthy habits with a positive lifestyle and mind set. sufficiently rest your body and mind, increase physical activity and do more of the things you really love. but most off all - enjoy life.


some days you eat salads and go to gym, other day you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. it's all about balance. Most importantly, dont worry and stay happy.


physical inacivity has emerged as one of the biggest contributions, to modern age ill health. stand up, get off the couch, take the stairs, cycle, run, walk, dance or swim, whatever it takes. move!


we don't live to work. we work to live. balancing our careers and work life can be tough. but remember; work altough important can be replaced, family can not.


most of us seek a global lifestyle. but Indonesia is itself is a unique archipelago of amazingly rich cultures that need to be kept alive. find your balance and stay authentic.


we spend major parts of our lives indoors and are increasingly driven by technology and an obsession with gadgets. take a break, step out into the real world and switch off you mobile. experience mother nature, there's an amazing world out there.


E+ is awarded with 2 Gold Stars "Remarkable Taste" By the International Taste Quality Institute (iTQi), Belgium

June 11, 2018

On June 11, 2018 iTQi has officially awarded E+ with 2 Gold Stars, with endorsement from Professional Chefs and Sommeliers as a product with "Remarkable Taste." This award is proof of our strong commitment to providing only the best quality product to our consumers.

On June 11, 2018 iTQi has officially awarded E+ with 2 Gold Stars, with endorsement from Professional Chefs and Sommeliers as a product with “Remarkable Taste.” This award is proof of our strong commitment to providing only the best quality product to our consumers.

iTQi is world's leading independent organization based in Brussels that dedicated to certifying the Taste and Quality of food and drink products. Every year, for the past 15-years, around 175 judges from the 15 most prestigious European Culinary & Sommeliers Association (the Maitres Cuisiniers de France, Academy of Culinary Arts, Hellenic Chefs' Association, Académie Culinaire de France, Verband der Köche Deutschlands, Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros de España, Federerazione dei Cuochi Italiana, Arets Kock of Sweden, Euro-Toques, Gilde Van Nedrlandse Meesterkoks, Associação de Cozinheiros Profisionais de Portugal, Craft Guild of Chefs, Turkish Cooks Association, World Master Chefs Society and the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale) gathered to analyzing, evaluating and certifying products from more than 131 countries around the world. Products are analyzed and scored following a strict, and neutral methodology. They are tasted blind by a large panel of independent food and drink professionals who do not know the product brand nor its origin as they taste it. For the first time in 2018, the tests where done with a digital application enabling the scoring according to a large set of category-specific criteria.

iTQi's tasting procedures are ISO 9001 certified and monitored by the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affaires – Market Organization to ensure its standard, credibility and independence. The iTQi award is a guarantee for excellent taste and high quality.

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Khu Fiena


I am a 48-years old housewife. I am thankful for God's help that I was able to get through a difficult time in 2011-2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the recovery period after surgery and chemotherapy, I was introduced to E+. Since drinking E+ every day, my body feels more fit and fresh, with more regular urination and bowel movements and less susceptible to diseases. I feel fortunate to be introduced to E+ in the right time. I now drink E+ everyday to keep a healthier and fresher body. Thank you E+

Drg. Novita Zaidt

Klinik Matahari (Korean Dentist Clinic)

Saya seorang Dokter gigi Spesialis, saya mengkonsumsi E+ water sudah 2 tahun dan saya merasakan banyak manfaatnya, seperti rasa kembung karena asam lambung saya banyak berkurang, kulit saya terasa lebih lembab, tubuh saya merasa fit dan segar.

Saya memiliki rutinitas mengkonsumsi E+ water 1 botol sebelum tidur, sehingga pada saat bangun pagi saya merasa segar dan tidak lemas seperti sebelum saya mengenal E+ water.

Dan saya juga selalu mengkonsumsi E+ water selama menjalani rutinitas olahraga di pusat kebugaran, dimana setelah saya mengkonsumsi E+ water tubuh saya benar-benar segar dan siap beraktivitas kembali.



My name is Gelaria and I'm a dentist. I used to have a chronic gastritis. I once got a stomach ache when joining seminar and I forgot to bring my medicine. I only had E+ in my bag so I drank it. The pain gone in less than 5 minutes. This is a proof that E+ as alkaline water contains natural mineral. Hence, I'll keep drinking E+ to heal my gastritis.

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