Did you know that water is a natural detox for our body?

As a mother of two, choosing the best water for my sons is very important for me. Here are some tips that I would like to share with other mothers when choosing the best water for your family.

  1. Water with PH > 8 ( alkaline water)
  2. Choose 100% natural alkaline water, not processed through alkaline machine. Remember, natural is always better for our body.
  3. Low TDS below 50 ppm but not 0 (the TDS international standard drinking water is below 50) Low TDS will help the kidney to do Detoxification more efficiently, but TDS 0 will absorb minerals from our body especially calcium in our bones. Free from harmful chemical dan toxic metal
  4. Low sodium level. Sodium causes your body to hold onto large amounts of water and may cause bloating.
  5. I hope these tips will help you select the best water for your family. Always be wise and choose only the best for your family.

I am a 48-yeard old housewif. I am thankful for God's help that I was able to get through a difficult time in 2011-2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the recovery period after surgery and chemotherapy, I was introduced to E+. Since takingE+ every day, my body feels more fit and fresh, with more regular urination and bowel movements, andless susceptible to diseases. I feel fortunate to be introduced to E+ in the right time. Drink E+ everyday to keep a healthier and fresher body. Thank you,E +. (Khu Fiena - Lampung)

I'm a specialist dentist at a Korean dentist clinic in Jakarta and I was introducted to E + since two years ago. Since drinkng E + I have felt a lot of benefits,such as less stomach bloating caused by gastric acid, my skin feels moist and my body feels more refreshed. Every night I make it a habit to drink a bottle of E +, and on waking up in the morning I feelmy body is much fresher than before I know E +.Besides before going to bed, I also always drink a bottle of E + when I go to the gym, I truly feel that E+ helps me to feel refreshed to start my activities again after exercising.(Drg. Novita Zaidt - Klinik Matahari (Korean Dentist Clinic)